The City of Coloma has had two previous names. The first name was Shingle Diggins because of the wood shingles that were manufactured here.

The second name was Dickerville because after the timber ran out, the town had to barter and dicker for items.

When the United States government decided to start mail service, Stephen R. Gilson suggested the name Coloma after a town in California where he had stayed during the gold rush era.

Coloma is located almost exactly between Chicago and Detroit just off I-94, approximately 105 miles east of Chicago and approximately 120 miles west of Detroit. Grand Rapids to the north is approximately 90 miles and South Bend, Indiana is south approxiately 35 miles.

Coloma is located right in the middle of the 'fruit belt' with peaches, grapes and apples the majority fruit growth in the area. There are many activities available in the area with Lake Michigan only 20 miles away and several festivals each year attended by hundreds of fun-seekers.